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En ocasiones no podemos añadir una Vista de SQL Server a nuestro modelo de Entity Framework y nos dice que es porque la vista no contiene ninguna “Key”. Para resolver este problema debemos tener en cuenta que No se pueden crear Primary Keys en Vistas. La solución para por crear una columna nueva autonumérica. Seguiremos […]
If you want to use the details view on a list or library and you don’t want to see the list of elements (maybe you need to show only one item, or you’re going to select that item on another webpart) you can hide it doing the following: 1. Edit Page. 2. Create a new […]
If we create a calendar for resource reservation may not be able to see the items created, because each time we enter this list you must select which resources you want to see. To show you all we have to create the default calendar as follows: 1. Create New Group Calendar. Before click the "Create" […]