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Podemos asignar el valor de un Enum a nuestro propio Enum a través de su índice. Por ejemplo, si recibimos un valor de un Enum y lo tenemos que mapear a nuestro propio objeto, tan solo debemos especificar que lo que recibimos es un número y automáticamente se asignara a ese mismo número en nuestro […]
Windows PowerShell: New-ItemProperty HKLM:SystemCurrentControlSetControlLsa -Name "DisableLoopbackCheck" -Value "1" -PropertyType dword
1. Execute your Query with “Results to Grid” option selected (You can select this option with its icon or by menu “Query – Results To – Results to grid”). 2. Once your Query has finished, right-click on the results grid and select the option “Save results As…“. 3. Save as Type: CSV.
This is a function in order to create a CAML Query specified for Filters. Once we have the filters, we’ve to create the parameters for the function, following this template: Parameters Template Name1|Type1|Operation1|Value1,Name2|Type2|Operation2|Value2... [Operation property can only be "Equal" or "Contains", 'cause that's what I need, but it can be modified] Example Title|Text|Contains|Document,Category|Choice|Equal|Docs [Filter items […]
Error Cannot have multiple items selected in a DropDownList Solution This message means that you're trying to select an item and another one is already selected. To solve this problem you've to clear the previous selection an then select the new one, like this: myDropDownList.ClearSelection(); myDropDownList.Items.FindByValue(myValue).Selected = true;