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Si habéis intentado llamar a una función asíncrona dentro del hook de useEffect es posible que os hayáis encontrado con un error que no os lo permite: Argument of type ‘() => Promise<void>’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘EffectCallback’. El error aparece al intentar añadir el “async”, pero no se puede asignar la […]
I’ve never found on my Visual Studio an option to directly add a new WebService file so I looked for a solution and I got this one, I hope it’ll help you: 1. From anywhere in your Solution Explorer (where you want to add the WebService), create a “New Item”. 2. In the “New Item” […]
If we create a calendar for resource reservation may not be able to see the items created, because each time we enter this list you must select which resources you want to see. To show you all we have to create the default calendar as follows: 1. Create New Group Calendar. Before click the "Create" […]