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Si expandimos el disco duro de una máquina virtual con Mac OS X instalado, después tenemos que ampliar la partición dentro de la propia máquina. Desde Mac OS X El Capitan la aplicación Disk Utility ha cambiado y no da la opción de hacerlo. La forma más fácil es por Terminal: sudo diskutil resizeVolume / […]
1. Abrir SharePoint Management Shell. 2. Crear el Pool: $AppPool = New-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name SettingsServiceAppPool -Account DOMAINuser 3. Crear la App: $App = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication -ApplicationPool $appPool -Name SettingsServiceApp -DatabaseName SettingsServiceDB 4. Crear el Proxy: $proxy = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy -ServiceApplication $App 5. Iniciar la instancia: Get-SPServiceInstance | where{$_.TypeName -eq "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service"} | Start-SPServiceInstance
Para crear un punto de acceso Wifi en nuestro PC y poder conectarnos desde el móvil, tablet, etc. debemos abrir la ventana de comandos (Command Prompt) como administrador y seguimos estos 3 pasos: 1. Comprobar si nuestro PC lo permite netsh wlan show drivers Debemos mirar la propiedad “Hosted network supported” y que sea “Yes”. […]
This script works doing a PING request and obtaining its resultant IP. Feel free to change it and modify it as you need. First part does the PING request, second part changes the Host File and the third part opens the hosts file. Explanation of the secon part: 1. Save the Hosts File text in […]
You can add new div inside your web page by jquery always you want. You’ve to add the following code in your javascript function: $("#myExistentDiv").append("<div id='MyNewDiv'>This is my dynamic DIV</div>"); In this case, you’re adding the div “MyNewDiv” inside your div with ID “myExistentDiv”, just at the end of it. You can read more in […]
Sometimes, when you’re developing a visual web part, the designer file (with .g.cs extension) dissapears in front of your eyes. After finding nothing in the internet, we’ve just discovered why it is happening: You've to add the "Site URL" property in the Project properties. That’s beacuse it is a web part for sharepoint, and Visual […]
If you go to the Term Store Management you can add new term sets in the taxonomy term store whenever you want. However, maybe you want to allow users to create new term sets, so you’ve to do this: 1. Go to the Term Store Management. 2. Select the Term Set that you want. 3. […]
If we create a calendar for resource reservation may not be able to see the items created, because each time we enter this list you must select which resources you want to see. To show you all we have to create the default calendar as follows: 1. Create New Group Calendar. Before click the "Create" […]