SharePoint Document Library Definition XML Guide (Schema.xml)

Versioning Settings

Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library?
<List [...] VersioningEnabled="TRUE" EnableMinorVersions="FALSE"  >[...]</List>

Advanced Settings

Allow management of content types?
<List [...] EnableContentTypes="TRUE" >[...]</List>
Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents
<List [...] DefaultItemOpen="PreferClient" >[...]</List>
<List [...] DefaultItemOpen="Browser" >[...]</List>
Dialogs (Launch forms in a dialog)
<List [...] NavigateForFormsPages="FALSE" >[...]</List>

Validation Settings

Set Validation Formula for the List
<List [...]>
        <Validation Message="Message for the Validation">
          =IF(InternalFieldName=&quot;ValueOfTheField&quot;,FALSE,TRUE)      [FORMULA]
NOTE: Always with the internal name of the fields and the symbols coded (Like &quot;, &lt;, &gt;)


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